S m a l l   C o n s t r u c t i o n s

Table and stools: Bases are in stones, tops are millstones
Fountain in stone and clay
Mesa de pedra e mós
Fontanário de pedra e barro
Height: Table - 90 cm, stools - 45 cm
Height: 1.20 m
Small stone well
"Roman" bridge in stone and clay
ço de pedra
Ponte Romana
Height: 1.15 m; Capacity: 1500L Height: 60 cm; Length: 4 m
House in stone panels Windmill in small stones and metal (the blades spin with the wind)
Casa de pedra
Moinho de vento
Inside area: 0.175 m2 (5 cm  X 3,5 cm) Height: 6 cm (stones of about 3-5 mm Length)
Watermill in plastic and metal (the wings spin) Bird cage with three interlinking towers
Moinho de água
Height: 7 cm The blades spin and the top rotates Height: 2.20 m
Shed made from stones and eucalyptus wood Horse stables made from logs and covered with "Roman" tiles
Height: 2.5 m, Inside area = 5 m2 Height: 3.6 m, Area: 45 m2 (6 X 7.5)
Gate in metal Trough
Height: 2.2m. Height: 55 cm, Lenght: 65 cm
Rolling car. Tricycle.
Carrinho de rolamentos
Lenght: 1,4m
Lenght: 1,3m

Hand cart

Carro de mão

Lenght of the tray: 2m