S k i l l s  &   C o m p e t e n c e s
S k i l l s  &   C o m p e t e n c e s
First language Portuguese    
Other languages French English Spanish Italian Esperanto
Excelent Excelent Good Bad Basic
Excelent Excelent Good None Poor
Speaking Excelent Excelent Good Very Bad Poor
Technical skills and competencies Good knowledge in informatics, namely Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, HTML as well as SPSS, Ramas Ecolab, Stack, USES, ArcView GIS, Maple 6.0, Mathcad and Winbilko.
Knowledges of laboratory techniques such as Flame photometry, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry, Spectrophotometry, Ion Selective electrode, Gas Chromatography. Also column Exchange Resins and Titrations as well as microorganisms cultures and identification of macroorganisms (ie: insects and their larvae and plants).
Social skills and competencies
Good skills to work as a team, organize and to be a leader, as it happened on a campaign against the pollution of the beaches, which consisted in team work where we had to communicate with the public on the beach and motivate them not to pollute the beaches. There I learnt how to work efficiently as a team member, and mostly to communicate with all types of people and keep calm in critical situations. We had to organize ourselves in order to embrace the whole width of the beach to speak with everyone present, approach them to explain who we were, which were our objectives and sensitize them against the pollution of the beaches, as well as distribute stickers and posters.
Organazation skills and competencies
An even better example than the one given above is the one during my research project for my masters, where I did an investigation in Honduras. This project involved voluntaries to help in the capture of reptiles and also involved local guides during the excursions in the forest. As I was the only one speaking Spanish, I was attributed the extra function of distributing and organizing our timetable.
Artistic skills and competencies I love music and have basic notions of flute and guitar. I have an handcraft creativity (I make small sculptures in wood, stone, clay or metal). I like to draw and paint (mainly landscape and nature themes) with water paint and on ceramic.
Other Skills and competencies I am very polyvalent, since electric installations, plumbing, building, gardening, HTML pages, computer component installation and operative systems, animal care, etc.
Interests Music: classical music, exotic music from South America, India, Greece, and others;
Sports: I enjoy participating in the following sports: football, tennis, swimming, bike riding, horse riding
Nature Exploration: I enjoy walking a in the countryside where I live and when I travel through other countries
Painting, Handcraft, Reading, Cinema, Games, computers
Driving license (s) Category A and B, obtained in 1996 with the DGV of Beja.