I n v e s t i g a t i o n    P r o j e c t

I n v e s t i g a t i o n    P r o j e c t
Main activities and responsibilities Study the differences in Biodiversity and abundance of herpetofauna related with the altitude in two tropical forests of different ages (4 and 40 years) in the Merendón's mountain range in Honduras

Place of Investigation Merendón mountain (Honduras)
Dates (from – until) 1 of July 2003 - 20 of August 2003

Reptiles were sampled in two types of forests in the Merendón Mountains of Honduras: the lowland cloud forests of El Paraíso protected area and the high altitude core and buffer zones of the Cusuco National Park. Reptile biodiversity and abundance were measured based on captures realised during two-month surveys (from 01 July to 20 August 2003) in the forest site. Capture methods included pitfalls, cover boards and opportunistic searches. The number of individuals captured was generally lower than expected at both sites. The Cusuco forest showed greater abundance of reptiles, and low biodiversity, very similar to that of El Paraíso forest. The difference in abundance was attributed to the type and age of the forest.

Environmental variables, including altitude, light, litter, slope, rock cover, presence of logs and trees, vegetation cover and horizontal visibility, were taken at each site and/or capture site. The factor light (percentage of light reaching the forest soil) (and associated factors: vegetation cover, presence of near trees, horizontal visibility) was found to be a very important and limiting factor.
The survey method used was found to be useful for assessing forest quality.

Investigation Project

The investigation project can be seen here. At the end there are images of the different species found. Many of them are not labelled with names as we lacked of books to identify them. If someone know some names, please let me know: yoramdavid@hotmail.com