B a c h e l o r   o f   S c i e n c e
B a c h e l o r   o f   S c i e n c e
Bsc (Hons) Environmental Pollution Science, with placement yeat included
University of Glamorgan, Great Britain
Obtained with a "first”  
Synopsis Modules (3th Year) Grade
NV 315 - O Destino dos Poliudores A1
NV 316 - Os Efeitos dos Poluidores no Ambiente A3
NV 317 - Modelação de Sistemas Ambientais
NV 318 - Princípios da Gestão e Conservação B3
NV 319 - A Conservação e a Industria A3
NV 320 - A Conservação e a Agricultura
NV 323 - Ecotoxicologia e Toxicilogia
NV 326 - Projecto de investigação C3
NV 310 - Ecologia das Comunidades A3

Synopsis Modules (2nd Year) Grade
Data handling, use of computer packages, literature search for my project preparation, which is about ozone levels and depletion over the world, with a special attention to the antarctic hole; Instrumental method used to monitor the major chemicals that can affect the environment;
Investigation of the physical transport and dispersal of pollutants, processes which are important in the transmission of and moderation of the impact of pollution;
Understanding of the law relating to the protection of the environment and the concept of Environmental management Synthesis relating to existing law and protection of the environment;
Mathematical and modelling skills enhanced through population and biochemical analysis using real data and computer packages;
Industrial, urban and agricultural processes which can lead to pollution of the environment. Studies of the problems involved in the management of environmental qualities;
Interdisciplinary study of the activities and problems of the Severn Estuary and Bristol channel area, which included one-week field course;
Examination of the factors that influence the distribution of organisms throughout the world and how these distribution are influenced by adverse environmental factors

BI   218 - Environmental microbiology A3
MP 221 - Population modelling A1
NV 215 - Environmental monitoring methods B1
NV 216 - Physical transport and dispersal system A1
NV 217 - Sources of pollution and Environmental managament A2
NV 218 - Mor Hafren - a case study A2
NV 220 - Environmental law and management B3
PG  203 - Biogeography A3
SN 109 - Unilang Spanish I A2
TE  220 - Project preparation A1

Synopsis Modules (1st Year) Grade
Study of the basic ideas of natural environment processes, such as climate, the water cycle, soil and biosphere, pollution and conservation;
Basic and general introduction to the chemistry required for environmental science, geology and biological science, the chemical and physical phenomena defining the movement and transformation of chemical species in the environment;
Graphic and steady state modelling techniques to develop mathematical approaches to real world problem solving, involving for exemple energy conservation and energy transfer, estimation of planet temperature and the earth's albedo, examination of the simpler changes taking place in the environment;
Introduction to ecological principles, ecological processes operating in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and environmental factors thatcan influence the distribution of organisms in selected habitats, basic microbiology, with handling of cultures and understand the growth, the nutrition and control of these organisms;
Basic mathematic needed for the course, which involves statistical method used in the interpretation of environmental data;
The study of the various forms of energy, their properties of the basic forms of energy using simple examples.
BI   110 - Introduction to microbiology A3
CH 131 - Basic Environmental chemistry A3
LE  102 - Intermediate English II A3
MP 120 - Mathematics for science A1
MP 122 - Modelling first-order systems A2
NV 116 - Foundation in Environmental science B3
NV 117 - Ecology of the Environment A3
NV 118 - Fundamental chemistry A3
NV 119 - Introduction to Environmental modelling A2
NV 128 - Forms of energy A2